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USBASP Device Driver - signed

USBASP Windows Driver Version 3.0.7

The USBASP windows driver was previously based on libusb-win32. The certificate on the base drivers have expired and the library has now been superseded by libusbK. Earlier today we packaged up the driver and uploaded it to the server. You can now download it from the location below.

This driver should work with version of Windows XP right through to 8.1 and the version 10 preview. (both 32 and 64 bit editions). Because the driver is signed, there should be no need to disable driver certificate enforcement or use Zadig.

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USBASP Device Driver - signed

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  1. Mong Phan

    Thanks for sharing. It helped me save lot of time. I have wasted 3 hours to troubleshoot problem with my USBsap programmer on windows 8.1 x64. I also shared this article to my G+.

  2. Hakan Kara

    thank you bro.

  3. Zeta

    Estava procurando este drive. Funcionou perfeitamente no XP. Obrigado!

  4. Julie G.

    Hi, this is not working 🙁 It’s giving me an error that the third party INF does not contain digital signature information. Windows 10.

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