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IDC Breadboard cable

Cables and Connectors

IDC connectors don’t play nicely with breadboards. The 2 rows of pins are too closely spaced and there are many hacks to get around this issue. In one of our tutorials we recommend taking a IDC connector with right angle leads and bending the leads to make it fit. This does work, but is a pain to get right and it looks ugly.

The 10 Pin IDC to Breadboard Cable fixes all that. It has a standard 2×5 pin IDC female connector at one end and the other end plugs straight into your breadboard. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Breadboard Friendly 10 Pin IDC Ribbon Connector

If you want to make your own cables, so we stock the Breadboard Friendly 10 Pin IDC Ribbon Connector. It’s simple to use, simply slide the ribbon cable in, then crimp with pliers or a crimping tool.

2 Pin Spring Terminal

These Spring Terminals have small orange levers. You simply press these down, insert a bit of wire through one of the holes at the top and the spring mechanism holds it in place. They can support up to 2 Amps, so can be used for many applications.

10 Pin Stacking Headers

These 10 Pin Stacking Headers are just like standard female headers, but with longer legs. They are used to connect stacked boards together.

Arduino R3 Stacking Header Kit

The arduino R3 models (Uno, Leonardo etc) have a slightly different pinout to the earlier ones. You can still use the older stacking header kit, but the Arduino R3 Stacking Header Kit allows you to use the extra pins.

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