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Version 1.4 of AVR 28 pin board

This month we release version 1.4 of our 28 pin AVR board. As with the previous releases, we’ve incorporated changes our customers recommended. Keep the feedback coming, cause we love it.


The most notable change is the inclusion of a power supply area. In previous versions you could create a power supply by using the generic prototyping area, but this makes it much easier.

This section allows you to bring unregulated power to the board using a 2.1mm barrel connector or a 2 pin header. The power supply core is a voltage regulator. It is expected that most people would use an L7805, but other regulators would also work.

All in all there are 4 improvements:

  • Addition of power supply section
  • ISP-6 interface is now 2×3 pin instead of 1×6 pin
  • Addition of IDC/Double row header section
  • Clearer labelling of power busses
Image Image Image Image

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  1. stonechild

    Do you plan on a kit with an ATMega328? Or might you sell a kit without the MCU, but with the other parts? A package with the parts for the power supply would be great, too. Getting a few small parts by mail order is a pain. I looked at the Arduino Mega thinking a kit like that would be nice, but found out that the ATMega128 seems to only come as a surface mount chip.

    Your products are great. I found your site at just the right time. I’ve been playing with an Arduino Duemilanove for a few months now and feel comfortable in putting something like your kits together.

    I would actually like a board with an AVR32 that could run Linux.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, I like the fact that you do listen to "feedback" and improve your products over time.
    Well done – I like the changes.

  3. Protostackadmin Author

    The ATMega328 is very hard to source at the moment, but it definitely is on the cards.

    Power supply parts are available. This kit doesn’t include connectors, because it is hard to anticipate exactly what people want. I personally like to use a 9V battery clip + male/female polarised headers, but you can also use barrel connectors and a wall wart.

    The atmega128 is also being considered. For this one I’m planning on selling the surface mounted device pre soldered onto the board.

    Other things on the horizon include
    * ATTiny2313 (this will be a half size board)
    * ATTiny13 (this will be a half size board)
    * Half size version of the 28 pin AVR board

    Please keep on sending feedback and wish lists.


  4. Anonymous

    I would love to see the ‘128 version of this board, and I’d even buy one if it had the chip soldered, TQFP soldering doesn’t float my boat at all I’m afraid 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    A lot of the interface chips that could be used with the AVR’s are available in surface mount packging only.

    You might consider adding space for a USB connector to the board, or maybe just remove a section of the traces and lay down some generic pads and traces for an SOIC to be soldered in.

  6. Mark L Evans

    impressive board but I really don’t want to get into all the deep AVR stuff just yet, is there a way to just install a 328 with the boot loader already installed and then just program it with a FTDI cable straight from the arduino IDE? If so can you provide instructions for installing a 6 pin FTDI header on you board?


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