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5V power supply kit


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All the bits you need to build a simple power supply. The circuit diagram is shown in the “Additional Images” tab.

No circuit board is included as this kit is intended to be used on an existing protoboard or breadboard.

Part Number Description Quantity
SC-VR-L7805 L7805 +5V Linear Voltage Regulator 1
LE-5M-RE LED General Purpose 5mm Red 1
PA-RY-MFQ1K Resistor – Metal Film 1/4W – 1KΩ 1
PA-CA-CR100N Capacitor – Resin Dipped Ceramic 50V 100nF 2
PA-CA-EL47U Capacitor – Electrolytic 25V 47 uF 1
PA-CA-EL100U Capacitor – Electrolytic 25V 100 uF 1


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