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ATmega32A (ATmega32) Development Kit


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This AVR Development Kit contains everything you need for a basic ATmega32A circuit includes a 40 pin AVR development board, ATmega32A-PU Microcontroller , power supply components and more.

The development board measures 127 x 94mm (5″ x 3.7″), is made of 1.6mm FR4 and has clean routed edges. It has 6 mounting holes and conforms to the large-size protostack form factor. This allows it to be stacked with other large, medium and small protostack boards.

The copper (top and bottom) has a thickness of 1oz per sqr foot and the GND and VCC power rails have a width of 50mil (top) and 60mil (bottom). This allows plenty of current to get through with very little track heating. The power rails are routed right throughout the board, making it easier to add your own circuits. The solder pads are quite large and are treated with lead free HASL, making it easy to solder components in place. All holes are through plated.

This is the kit that Tweak Town reviewed and gave a “Must Have – Best Features award”. You can read the full review here

Aside from the board, the kit also contains the microcontroller, the power supply parts and a range of other components needed to create a basic AVR circuit. Being a through-hole kit it is easy enough for a beginner to use, and the User’s Guide has detailed instructions.

Whilst many AVR programmers will work with this board, we recommend the USBASP AVR Programmer.

Included in each Kit

Part Number Description Quantity
PB-MC-AVR40 40 Pin AVR Development Board 1
CN-IC-4006 IC Socket 40 pin 15.24mm (0.6″) 1
IC-ATMEGA32A-PU ATMEGA32A-PU Atmel 8 Bit 32K AVR Microcontroller 1
PA-RY-MFQ1K Resistor – Metal Film 1/4W – 1K 1
LE-5M-YE LED General Purpose 5mm Yellow 1
CN-DC-21M DC Jack 2.1 x 5.5mm 1
SC-DI-1N4004 1N4004 General purpose 1A Rectifier Diode 1
SC-VR-L7805 L7805 +5V Linear Voltage Regulator 1
PA-PTC-500 PPTC Resettable Fuse – 72V, 500mA (RXEF050) 1
PA-CA-EL47U Capacitor – Electrolytic 25V 47 uF 1
PA-CA-EL100U Capacitor – Electrolytic 25V 100 uF 1
CN-ID-MR10 IDC Male connector (shrouded header), 10 pin, right angle leads 1
PA-RY-MFQ10K Resistor – Metal Film 1/4W – 10K 1
SW-TM-SPST Micro Tactile momentary SPST switch 1
PA-CY-16M 16MHz Crystal in HC/49S through hole package 1
PA-CA-CA22P 22pF 100V Resin Dipped Ceramic Axial Capacitor 2
PA-CA-CR100N Capacitor – Resin Dipped Ceramic 50V 100nF 4
PA-IN-AX10U Inductor (Choke) – 10μH, Axial leaded 1
Rated CurrentPower rails: 6A
General connection Strips: 3A
Mounting Holes6 x 3.175mm (0.125")
Component Holes1194 x 35mil (0.9mm), 61 x 30mil (0.75mm), 20 x 20mil (0.5mm) and 3 slotted holes
Board Material1.6mm FR4
Pad TreatmentLead Free HASL
Copper Thickness1oz per sqr foot
Track WidthTop - Power rails only: 50mil (1.27mm)
Bottom: 60mil (1.52mm)
Supported Microcontrollers ATMEGA16A-PU, ATMEGA32A-PU, ATMEGA8535-16PU, ATMEGA8535L-8PU, ATMEGA164A-PU, ATMEGA164PA-PU, ATMEGA324A-PU, ATMEGA324PA-PU, ATMEGA644A-PU, ATMEGA644PA-PU, ATMEGA1284-PU, ATMEGA1284P-PU, ATMEGA16L-8PU (obsolete), ATMEGA16-16PU (obsolete), ATMEGA32L-8PU (obsolete), ATMEGA32-16PU (obsolete), ATMEGA164-20PU (obsolete), ATMEGA164V-10PU (obsolete), ATMEGA324-20PU (obsolete), ATMEGA324V-10PU (obsolete), ATMEGA644-20PU (obsolete), ATMEGA644V-10PU (obsolete)
NotesRated current is based on many factors including acceptable temperature rise and ventilation. When calculating rated current, we assumed:
  • 10°C acceptable temperature rise
  • board in open air
  • power rails only.

Voltage rating was calculated in accordance with IPC-9592B


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