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Protostack Continues to Extend Its Range of Microcontroller Components

Protostack now offers 20x4 character backlit displays, Ten Power 5V switched-mode  voltage regulators, heat sinks suitable for use with L7805 voltage regulators and TO-220 –based TIP32 and TIP120 transistors as well M3 screws

June 20, 2013. Brisbane, Australia – Protostack, an innovative Australian developer and retailer of microcontroller components are continuing their commitment to their prototyping audience. This month they have added yet another raft of components to help turn your concepts into a reality.

So you’ve wanted a way to integrate a display so you can show various outputs from your system without having to plug your prototype into your computer. Protostack have this covered with their new 20×4 character LCD modules. These attractive units display 4 lines of 20 characters and are contained in a compact 98x60mm package with a viewing area of 76x25mm. They even feature a yellow/green backlight so you can read them in low light environments. To make life even easier, they have a HD44780 compatible controller, which means they can be interfaced with commonly available libraries.

Next up are the high efficiency Ten Power 5V switched-mode voltage regulators. These are a direct replacement for L7805 voltage regulators, with the added advantage of higher efficiency and lower power consumption, excellent for portable applications. These units are so efficient that they eliminate the need for heat sinks, further reducing the weight of your device. They can cope with voltage inputs of 6.5 to 20V DC and currents up to 3A, producing a stable output voltage of 5 ± 0.15V.

For those of you who insist on using standard voltage regulators, heat sinks are now also a part of the Protostack range to keep them cool. These heat sinks are also compatible with TO-200 transistors.

On the subject of TO-200 transistors, Protostack can now also supply TIP32 medium power linear switching PNP transistors that can pull 3A all day long. Also available now are TIP120 5A NPN Darlington Pairs. These consist of a pair of transistors that have been combined to produce a massive gain (hFE) of 1000 while being able to switch currents up to 5A. Both of these transistors are compatible with the new line of heat sinks.

All these new products are now available for purchase from Protostack and can be ordered online from, along with a host of other prototyping and electronics supplies.

About Protostack

Protostack is an innovative developer and retailer of microcontroller components for prototyping applications. Amongst their product range are uniquely designed components specifically designed to speed the prototyping process to help you turn your concepts into marketable systems.

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