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New products for June 2013

LCD Modules, Switch mode regulators, screws and more

7 new products this month, everything from LCD modules to screws.

LCD Module 20 x 4

First up we have 20×4 character LCD Modules. They have 4 rows of 20 character and a yellow/green backlight. Because they use a HD44780 Compatible controller, they will work with most standard libraries.

Switch Mode voltage regulators

We are very excited about this next item. Ten Power Switched Mode Voltage Regulators. Traditional linear regulators are quite inefficient and get hot under load. These ultra compact devices are actually switched mode power supplies so run extremely efficiently. Up to 96% in fact. They are pin compatible with L7805 so drop them in and go.

TO-220 heat sink

If you didn’t heed our advice with the voltage regulators, are pushing ridiculous amounts of current through transistors or love building short circuits, then you’ll need a heat-sink. Luckily we have those now, fits perfectly on TO-220 packages.


On the subject of TO-220, here are a couple of TO-220 transistors.

The TIP-32 is the PNP equivalent to the TIP-31 and capable of switching up to 3A.

The TIP-120 on the other hand is a Darlington Pair which is 2 transistors connected together in the same case. Darlington pairs have very high gains, the TIP-120 has a gain (hFE) of 1000.


Lastly we have screws. M3 screws in 2 different lengths

Sold in packets of 25 screws.

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