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28 Pin AVR Development Board – Version 1.6

28 Pin AVR Development Board - Version 1.6

We released the 28 Pin AVR Development Board back in 2008 and since then it has gone through many iterations. This week we release version 1.6 which adds 4 improvements. These improvements were based on customer feedback and we are very grateful for the feedback. Please keep it coming.

What has changed?

IDC/Dual row area made bigger The size of the IDC/Dual row area has been increased from 2×8 to 2×9 holes.
Square and circular pads We added square and circular pads on the top layer for polarised headers. The main reason for this was to make them stand out more. Functionally they are unchanged.
28 Pin AVR Development Board - Version 1.6 We added some labels for the ISP-10 connector.
28 Pin AVR Development Board - Version 1.6 Crystal oscillator holes now have pads only on the bottom layer. This fixes a problem where the oscillator case was making contact with the pads.

The board is available by itself for $9.60, as part of an ATMEGA8A Development Kit ($18.50) or as part of an ATMEGA168A Development Kit ($19.80)

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