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Atmega168 Experimenter’s Kit

Atmega168 Experimenter's Kit

Recently a friend asked me, “What do I buy if I’m just starting out with embedded systems and want to learn?”. I told him a breadboard solution would be best and started rattling off all the bits that he would need. Then I got thinking, what if we made this a kit? So here it is…

The ATMEGA168 Experimenter’s Kit contains all the bits you need to create atmega168 circuits on a breadboard. It includes the microcontroller, breadboard, LCD module, USB Programmer and a whole lot more. The full list of included items is below. At $65.00 it is also quite a bit cheaper than buying all the bits individually.

Part Number Description Quantity
AC-BB-700 700 tiepoint solderless breadboard 1
CA-BB-75 Breadboard jumper wire pack 1
CN-BT-9V 9V battery clip 1
CN-HE-SM40 40 pin 2.54mm snappable single row header 1
CN-ID-MR10 IDC Male connector (shrouded header), 10 pin with right angle leads 1
IC-ATMEGA168A-PU ATMEGA168A-PU Atmel 8 Bit 16K AVR Microcontroller 1
LC-1602-YG 16 x 2 character LCD module with yellow/green backlight 1
LE-3M-GR-WC LED waterclear Green 3mm 4
LE-3M-OR-WC LED waterclear Orange 3mm 4
LE-3M-RE-WC LED waterclear Red 3mm 8
PA-CA-CA22P 22pF 100V Resin Dipped Ceramic Axial Capacitor 2
PA-CA-CR100N Capacitor – Resin Dipped Ceramic 50V 100nF 5
PA-CA-EL100U Capacitor – Electrolytic 25V 100 uF 1
PA-CA-EL47U Capacitor – Electrolytic 25V 47 uF 1
PA-CY-20M 20MHz Crystal in HC/49S through hole package 1
PA-IN-AX10U Inductor (Choke) – 10μH, Axial leaded 1
PA-PTC-500 PPTC Resettable Fuse – 72V, 500mA (RXEF050) 1
PA-RP-TR1K Single Turn Cermet Trimpot 1K 1
PA-RY-MFQ10K Resistor – Metal Film 1/4W – 10K 1
PA-RY-MFQ330 Resistor – Metal Film 1/4W – 330 ohm 16
SC-DI-1N4004 1N4004 General purpose 1A Rectifier Diode 1
SC-VR-L7805 L7805 +5V Linear Voltage Regulator 1
SW-TM-SPST Micro Tactile momentary SPST switch 5

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  1. Flywheel88

    Works like a train!
    I’ve built the part with the LED blinking 3 times, the ‘Hello World’ LCD test program and the AD converter, all on one breadboard.
    I added a foto transistor in the AD convertor schematic and now it gives me a measure of light!
    The parts I received differ slightly from the list above, some of them as of yet no idea what to use them for.
    Nice, neat and quick delivery, handy tutorials, I recommend this ATmega168 set to everybody, the price is very competative also.

  2. Flywheel88

    Question: could you perhaps create an article building a cloak or alarmclock with this kit? Shouldn’t be too difficult to use the internal timer, some of the pushbuttons and the lcd together to form some sort of digital clock?

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