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This contest is pretty simple. Submit your project ideas and the winner will receive the parts require to build their projects (as so far as the parts are things that we stock of course).

To submit your idea, send an email to the address below. Please describe your idea and include a bill of materials.


Each person can enter as many times as they want and entries close July 21 2010.

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  1. Anonymous

    Here is my idea… When I pull up at the traffic lights, I press a kill switch which turns on a signal to my arduino to turn off the fuel rail to the engine. then, when the lights go green, I put my foot on the clutch and the engine starts with the fuel rail closed and I can move away from the lights. The point is, I want to use my arduino to measure the pwm signal from the injector or via obd2 to allow me to drive the cat or turn it off at the lights. My arduino will also read info from the obd2 output on the car. This would reduce fuel burn and reduce co2 production. And, there would bye an LCD display to highlight the amount of co2?I saved and the real time fuel economy of the car.

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