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More new products for February


February has been a busy time for us with many new products. Yesterday we added another 12 resistor sizes. We now stock all of the E6 values between 10 ohm and 1 Mega ohm. The full range is available here…

OK, resistors are a bit boring, so onto something a bit more interesting…


These cables have a USB type A connector on one end, and a 2.1×5.5mm barrel connector on the other. There are ideal for powering your project from a USB source. Just don’t blow up your computer :)


Next we have inline 2.1×5.5mm barrel connectors.


These slide switches are quite small and can take up to 300ma of current. Their pin spacing makes them perfect for our prototyping boards.


Maybe diodes are almost as boring as resistors, but like resistors they come in handy. These are general purpose 1 amp diodes that you can use for small power supply circuits and the like.


These shift register ICs have many uses including extending the pins on a microcontroller or driving an LED matrix.

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