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New Version of 28 pin AVR board

This weekend we released the lastest version of our 28 pin avr board. This version includes 7 improvements which we are pretty excited about.


The changes include:

  • Updated external crystal block in ground plane for better isolation
  • Updated AVCC block with room for bigger inductors
  • 6 pin ISP interface in addition to the existing 10 pin interface
  • 300mil (7.63mm) gap between I/O port and 5 hole protostrips. A resistor, piece of wire, dip switch
    or other component of choice may be used to bridge this gap
  • Power rails are double sided to allow for greater current
  • Better pin layout for reset switch
  • Clearer labelling of I/O lines

All in all these changes make a big improvement to what was already a great development board.

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