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Half Size Prototyping Board – New Version

We now have the new version of our Half Size Prototyping Board in stock.

The key difference between this version and the previous version is addition of power rails on the top layer. This allows for almost twice the current. The rails on the top layer are 50 mil wide to fit within the screen printing whilst the tracks on the bottom layer are 60 mil wide. In all that will allow for 5 amps with only a 10 degree increase in temperature.

The other improvement is the use of Lead Free HAL, using a Tin/Nickel/Copper alloy. Whilst the immersion tin treatment was good, this new treatment greatly improves shelf life due to reduced oxidation.


As with all our boards it can be stacked with other half or full sized boards as shown below.


To achieve connectivity between the different boards in the stack, stacking headers can be used. This solution allows the stack to be dismantled for maintenance or debugging then reassembled.


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